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May 2024 in Zhytomyr is marked by the completion of the project to build a new trolleybus route, funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). As part of the project, under the supervision of Egis and the EBRD funds, 50 new trolleybuses were purchased, the tram and trolleybus washing complex at the depot was reconstructed, and a new trolleybus route was established.

In November 2018, the EBRD signed the Framework Program for Public Transport in Ukraine, aimed at addressing the need for significant investments and reforming the inefficient public transport system. One of the initiatives under this program is the "Zhytomyr Trolleybus" subproject, which is being implemented in collaboration with the city of Zhytomyr and the municipal enterprise "Zhytomyr Tram and Trolleybus Administration". The ultimate goal of the project was to improve public transportation services in Zhytomyr by financing the purchase of up to 50 new trolleybuses, maintenance and diagnostic equipment, as well as the expansion of the trolleybus network, which included the reconstruction of power substations and the construction of a contact network.

To ensure adherence to leading international practices in the implementation of infrastructure projects, the EBRD engaged the French company Egis as a consultant. The consultant's tasks included the preparation of technical specifications, tender documentation, and assistance in conducting transparent procurement procedures. Additionally, Egis oversaw the delivery of equipment and machinery, as well as construction and installation works.

The reconstruction and successful commissioning of the washing complex marks the first project in Ukraine financed by an international financial institution that was initiated and implemented during the war. An important social aspect of the project was the introduction of low-floor trolleybuses, which facilitated access for passengers with disabilities, the elderly, and improved mobility for parents with strollers. This transformation serves as a prime example of inclusive and accessible public transport.

Currently, the new trolleybus line is gearing up for full launch, which is scheduled for June. On May 23, 2024, Municipal Enterprise ZhTTU began testing the overhead line, with trolleybuses running along the route in test mode.

The completion of the project, funded by grants from the European Union through the European Commission under the Neighbourhood Investment Platform (NIP) Framework Agreement and implemented with the support of Egis, marks a significant milestone in the city's development. It is a testament to the strength of international cooperation and strategic investments in ensuring sustainable urban development, creating a positive precedent for future investments in Ukraine's urban infrastructure.

About Egis

Egis is an international player active in architecture, consulting, construction engineering and mobility services. We create and operate intelligent infrastructures and buildings that respond to the climate emergency and contribute to more balanced, sustainable and resilient territorial development.

Operating in 100 countries, Egis puts the expertise of its 19,500 employees at the service of its clients and develops cutting-edge innovations accessible to all projects. Through its wide range of activities, Egis is a key player in the collective organisation of society and the living environment of citizens all over the world.

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About Egis in Ukraine

Egis has been present in Ukraine since 1993, working with both private clients and on projects financed by international financial institutions as well as the Ukrainian government. The company's main activities include civil engineering, road, and bridge construction; water supply and drainage; urban transport; ports; rail; energy efficiency, and environmental management. The main office in Kyiv is also a regional hub for the company's activities in the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Today, Egis in Ukraine is involved in the implementation of many projects for Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction, building back better, stronger, and more resilient. Using European standards and local experience Egis experts are working to create an intelligent and sustainable future for communities in Ukraine

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